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Handmade Murano Glass Jewelry from Venice and Handcrafted Music Boxes from Europe.

Murano Glass and the art of Venetian glass dates back to the 12th century.  Alice Sturzinger works closely with Venetian artisans and designers bringing you an exclusive line of Murano Glass jewelry.  Every piece of jewelry is handmade paying great attention to detail.  Venetian glass jewelry is available in a full array of styles and colors so there is surely an accessory to fit every lady.  Look through the various categories to match up necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings creating gorgeous sets.  Each color is so pretty you'll surely want one of each!  All our jewelry is guaranteed to be authentic Murano glass from Italy. Come and see us at one of the shows. 2018 Show Schedule.

About Us

Alice Sturzinger is a wholesale company catering to the gift and jewelry  stores and boutiques across the US. We features exquisite Murano Glass jewelry from Venice, Italy. Our artisans create exclusive designs that compliment every lady. See our full array of necklaces and bracelets that can be matched up with earrings and rings to create gorgeous sets. Each piece is hand crafted by Venetian artisans making every piece of jewelry a unique creation. Beautifully packaged with guarantee of authenticity, it is sure to please! 

Alice Sturzinger has been importing music boxes from Switzerland since 1963. A native of Switzerland, it was a natural! We specialize in the finest craftmanship with great attention to detail. Beautiful inlay work is done by Italian artisans. With a large assortment of styles ranging from jewelry boxes to larger Swiss movments playing  multiple melodies for the true collectors of fine music boxes. We feature a large assortment of tunes, prices. Remember, a high quality music box is a gift that will last and be treasured.

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