Music Boxes Classic

Alice Sturzinger came to New York from Switzerland in 1963.  She single-handedly built up her company importing music boxes from Switzerland and distributing them to fine gift shops and jewelers.  She has always had a love of the excellent quality of the craftsmansihp of her native country.   Today, the line has expanded to include an array of beautiful inlaid jewelry boxes from Sorrento, Italy,  chalets from the heart of Switzerland and the Black Forest, Singing Birds from Germany. and ofcourse still the very top of the line 72 note movements playing three melodies. 

A music box is a very special gift.  It is one that is treasured and remembered.  There is something very endearing about a product that is still lovingly  handmade  by craftsmen that take pride in their work.  It is with these thoughts that we continue to bring you the fine quality that Alice Sturzinger started out with over 40 years ago.